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  • MLB Players We Didn't See Coming in 2018

    Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout has been arguably the best player in MLB in 2018. If you didn't see that coming, you need an optometrist and/or a new sport to follow.<p>Other players, meanwhile, have rightly surprised the majority of us with stellar starts. Some are youngsters, […]

  • J.D. Martinez Becoming the Anti-Sandoval for Boston Red Sox

    Before J.D. Martinez came along, the two most expensive free-agent hitters signed by the Boston Red Sox this decade were Carl Crawford ($142 million) and Pablo Sandoval ($95 million).<p>Here's a fun fact: They both played exactly 161 games and hit exactly 14 home runs in Red Sox […]

  • And That Happened: Thursday’s Scores and Highlights

    Here are the scores. Here are the highlights:<p><b>Reds 5, Pirates 4</b>: Austin Meadows continues to mash the ball, crushing his fourth home run of the season […]



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  • NHL Playoffs 2018: Viewing Information and Odds for Stanley Cup Final

    The Washington Capitals overcame their history of failure to make it to the Stanley Cup Final. The Vegas Golden Knights don't understand a thing about failure, as all they have done in their inaugural season in the NHL is win.<p>The Golden Knights started off with a win in their opening game, […]

  • How Lightning keep coming up just short

    Let’s have a discussion about the Tampa Bay Lightning, shall we?<p>On one hand, they have recently been one of the NHL’s most successful teams.<p>They have […]

  • Golf Course Amazes Specatators In Preparation For June U.S. Open Event

    Golf’s prestige and grandeur were on full display this week at Media Day for the 118th U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Course. The tournament which is 3 weeks away, is a demonstration of high finance, elite competition, and picturesque views.<p>The 2018 U.S. Open will be the 10th […]




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