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  • Taking 'Focus on Users' Advice Can Kill Your SEO Traffic

    Why it's critical to keep your technical SEO in check when making user experience improvements.<p>If you ask Google the best way to do SEO, it will tell you to focus on the user and everything else will follow. Today, SEO is all about creating great, unique content that delights […]


    <b>FILM NOTES</b> is your new electric-red companion to learn film photography.<p>Inspire Yourself with FILM NOTES<p>FILM NOTES is a distillation of everything I […]

  • So You Have A New Gesture

    <b>Gestures</b> are an inescapable facet of mobile development. Once just an exciting feature of Apple’s new touch screen technology, gestures have now […]

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  • Our Best Beef Sandwiches to Change Your Lunch Game Forever

    We're raisin' the steaks<p>Red meat lovers, rejoice. Some of the world's best sandwiches come with beef—from Central and South America comes the […]

  • Keep it sweet: 12 great brownie recipes

    When it comes to dessert, you can’t do much better than a pan of brownies. Rich and extra-fudgy, sometimes the best brownies are the ones that just came out of the oven, and you can barely wait for them to cool before you dig in. Here area dozen of our favorite recipes to satisfy your […]

  • How to make tramezzini, the Italian sandwiches you can't get here

    A midmorning snack along the street, off the Rialto Bridge in Venice. Soft slices of crust-less white bread stuffed with a mountain of chopped seafood — shrimp, squid, other lovelies of the sea, probably pulled from the giant market just up the <i>calle</i> — in a dressing, […]


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  • Netflix cancels The Get Down

    <i>The Get Down</i> is officially down for the count.<p>Netflix has canceled the ambitious (and expensive) music period drama from Baz Luhrmann after one season.<p>Debuting last summer — with the second half of season 1 premiering in April — <i>The Get […]

  • The Most Awkward Movies We've Ever Watched With Our Parents

    As major pop culture consumers here at Complex, much of that was established in us from a very early age whether or not that was watching anything […]

  • "Bambi" Was Originally Supposed to Be Even Darker

    You won't sleep tonight.<p><i>Bambi</i> may be one of Disney's most iconic classic films, but what if we told you that Walt Disney himself wanted it to be even darker than it already is?<p>It's always fascinating to consider what our favorites would be like if they were […]